In April, 2011, a grand and luxurious wedding bridal was ceremoniously held by England loyal household, which is focused by every citizen all over this country. William prince and his girlfriend Kate played the leading role. Thousands of people focused great attention upon that. After falling in love with each other for almost ten years and going through many obstacles together, people convince that they will be bound to lead a happy life as the fairy tale was.

The wedding of William and Kate are so admirable. Especially the sapphire ring and a pair of shinning earrings she wore. This sapphire ring William sends to Kate is his mother, Princess Diana’s memento for the next princess. So is the earring. The pair of earring is Princess Dana’s favorite and it’s necessary for her every attended function. Inlay a sapphire and 14 little diamonds around make the prestigious Princess rings so precious.

The pair of elegant earring is manufactured in 2006 by Links of London, made up from white quartz. Kate’s wearing can surely lead to an increasing purchasing boom. It is said by England Loyal that the earring was reserved as a small part of wedding present for Princess Diana and other jewelry include necklace, matched rings, bracelet and watch. Years ago, when Princess Diana owing the earring that wore by Kate, it was still a pair of ear nail. Now it has been transformed into earrings by Kate and added little diamonds and sapphire in it, which match totally with the ring she had.

I notice that Kate’s attire in various occasions is in brief design but much decent, showing her elegance and grace thoroughly. Her dressing is easy to go with the jewelry she wears. Kate won’t be as luxurious as other princess who is eager to wear costly suits and jewelry. In contrary, she knows how to make purchasing economically. That’s a good point I admire.

On July20th, 2011, the wedding dress, wedding shoes and all the wedding jewelry of the princess were displayed in the Bucking Ham Palace in London. Thousands of citizens come in great number to visit everything about the Century Wedding. From the enthusiastic scene, we can make a conclusion that the citizens, even people all over the world are sincerely making best wishes to them, for their true love surpass the reality and let people believe the Cinderella’s fairy tale is being in this sophisticated society. So I always possess a belief that owing jewelry is not an ultimately purpose, we should aim to discover happiness life.

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