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Classic New Year & Valentine's day AAA Zirconia Rhodium Plated Ring Set #RI100106

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Stylish Ways to Wear Uggs
22 Winter Outfits With Uggs — That We'd Copy in an Instant
January 2, 2017
by Sarah Wasilak
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_p_You wore them until they were tattered and discolored years ago, but then, your Uggs sort of retired to the back of your closet. It's not that our trusty boots got less cozy, it's just that it was time to switch up our Winter look.
_p_But Ugg is refreshing its label every season, rolling out brand-new styles, including short silhouettes in fresh colorways that look luxe paired with cropped jeans. In fact, bloggers and It girls are working their Uggs at all heights, with outfits that range from completely casual to high-fashion fancy.
_p_Read on for 22 unique ideas for ways to wear your Uggs, and then shop the brand's updated offerings once you're feeling inspired.
_p_ Related The Ultimate Guide to Fall's Biggest Boot Trends How to Wear Your Skinny Jeans — and Still Be a Trendsetter — in 2017 Jennifer Aniston Has Been Wearing This Boot Style Since Her Friends Days _/p_
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