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----This page is for Ordinary Jewelry Membership Only, For personalized jewelry information, pls refer distributor page----
JewelOra In stock Item Membership Program
Purchase in stock items from, no MOQ needed, always dispatch within 3 days.
(Original Price)
New Business
No Requirement
Growing Business
$500 USD or above
5% OFF the original price
Pro Business
$3,000 USD or above
10% OFF + Free Shipping
JewelOra Custom-Order Program
MOQ needed, lead time (production time) 15~25 days.
Sterling Silver Product
30 pcs each size/model
30% OFF the original price
Gold Plated Jewelry
30 pcs each size/model
30% OFF the original price
Stainless Steel & Leather Jewelry
100 pcs each size/model
30% OFF the original price
In stock Item Membership Program
"Largest order amount" means the amount of the largest order, once the customer meet this requirement, he/she will get the membership account and could enjoy this discount from then on.

For example, If customer "David" place an order with original amount "525USD", he will get an Level 1 Member account immediately, thus he will only pay $525 USDx95%=$472.5 USD for this order.
Furthermore, he could also enjoy 95% discount in his/her future orders.

For example, 10 days later, David place another order with amount "100USD", then he just need to pay $100 USDx95%=$95 USD ONLY.
Custom-Order Program
Pls contact our customer service to confirm the MOQ & Factory Production Lead Time firstly for specific Jewelry Model before you place the order.

Our staff will then send you an one time discount coupon to use in our website to place the custom-order.
Effective date: 2016-05-13