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About JewelOra

 is known as a jewellery Manufactory/Trader/Exporter.
Owning partner factories and wholesale company in China, we have taken root in the the largest developing country of the world to reduce the production cost; for expanding scope around the world, since 2007, we’ve done business via e-commerce platform such as, eBay and yahoo. Thanks to our stuff’s great effort, the company earned trust and loyalty of esteemed customers.

Exploring New Frontiers:
Our clients are spreading across the world. We have regular customers in various countries including the challenging markets of Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe including U.K. Spain etc.


Quality Assurance:
We believe, quality is the foundation to establish healthy business relation with our clients. Professional technicians and managements are employed for strict quality control. To make sure products are packed free of any defect, each qualified person is assigned of strong duty of the whole procedure, from component, design, color, shape to alignment.

Customer Service:
We are always proud of our excellent customer service, which has been proved by many of our customer around the world. Our aim is to provide the best quality product at the most competitive price; however, we understand that timely customer service and assistance are more important for international business.

Certificate of our products:
Our products are proved to be safe, poisonless, non-allergenic. Here is the certificate of our products.










What is SGS certificate:
SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 55,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.
SGS service Offering:

  • SGS inspects and verifies the quantity, weight and quality of traded goods.
  • SGS tests product quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards.
  • SGS certifies that products, systems or services meet the requirements of standards set by governments, standardization bodies or by SGS customers.
  • For more information, please refer to:

Code of Conduct We Followed:
Child Labor:
It is totally prohibited in our units, say all the Collection and Distribution centers. We never and will not employ any worker at an age younger than 18 Years.

Wages and Benefits to Employees:
We pay workers by work completion and offer at least the minimum wage complied with Law and the Prevailing Industry Wage.
Working Hours and Overtime:

Working hours and overtime must be consistence with applicable local and national law. “Take Home" work, Forced and Compulsory labor are all strictly prohibited.
Health and Safety:

Working environment for employers are insured to follow aspects below:
* Adequate Circulation and Ventilation .
* Working area is Sufficiently Lit, so that manufacturing tasks may be performed. 
* All the Signs are Clearly Marked, unlocked Exits to insure an Effective Evacuation in case of Emergency. 
* Appropriate fire prevention capability. Fire extinguishers are properly maintained and inspected annually.

China Office & Delivery Center:
Email Address   General Customer Service Support (for amazon enquiry)

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Guang Zhou Office (Mailing Address):

guang zhou lin he fang shi pin you xian gong si

guang zhou shi tian he qu ling tang xin cun
da jie nan xiang 30 hao zhi liu 303
guang zhou
guang dong

Email Address   General Customer Service Support (for amazon enquiry)

Phine Number